Friday Photos & Temperature Data

Can you believe that it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving? I won’t make any promises about posting next week, but maybe I’ll post a recipe or something if I get to it. Just what you need, more food during Thanksgiving!

I’m not sure if this ‘Toy Choi’ bok choy is bolting because of the crazy weather changes or if it got to mature size and we didn’t harvest it, so it bolted.

We were donated about 30 bags of duck poop compost, so that got emptied into our wheelchair height garden, since the soil level had dropped about 6 inches this summer. We make compost too, but we don’t have enough bins to meet all of our compost needs every time!

Speaking of compost, some of the Master Gardeners were out in the garden this morning turning the compost. They look like they were working hard!

One of the few things in the garden that is still looking great after several colder days and nights is the Texas Tarragon. It was kind of hidden amongst the basil for part of the summer, but now it is really showing off.

Here’s the Temperature Data from this week:


Outdoors: Min=34, Max=62

Fabric Bed: Min=36, Max=70

Plastic Bed: Min=40, Max = 105


Outdoors: Min=36, Max 64

Fabric Bed: Min=38, Max 70

Plastic Bed: Min=37, Max 105 (afternoon data, so lost previous day’s max)


Outdoors: Min=42, Max 64

Fabric Bed: Min=40, Max 72

Plastic Bed: Min=44, Max 115 (vented at this point)


Outdoors: Min=27, Max=55

Fabric Bed: Min=31, Max=72

Plastic Bed: Min=32, Max=94 (vented one end in pm)


Outdoors: Min=35, Max=61

Fabric Bed: Min=34, Max=61

Plastic Bed: Min=34, Max = 82

The numbers are pretty random right now. I know part of it is because the wind loosens the row covers a bit, so they aren’t as airtight overnight as they maybe should be to keep the temps higher. That being said, we’re having trouble keeping the plastic bed appropriately vented so it doesn’t get scorchingly hot during midday on sunny days.

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I'm a Horticulture Educator with Sedgwick County Extension, a branch of K-State Research and Extension, located in Wichita, KS. I teach about fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

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