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Cooking with Fresh Veggies

Since the summer vegetable season is starting to come to a close (at least the tomatoes, which are pretty much giving up!), we decided to try out some different takes on cooking with veggies this week.

First up, we made a vegetable tart for dinner on Saturday night. There wasn’t really any recipe, just what came out of our heads.

I made a whole wheat pie crust for the base of the tart. Then we spread about 1 cup of ricotta cheese (homemade from my parents’ milk!) on the crust. On top of that went thinly sliced squash, purple peppers, and onion. We decided after the fact that we could have put about twice as many vegetables into it.

We topped it with some roughly chopped Swiss Chard leaves and a parmesan cheese-herb blend. Yum!

Here’s the finished tart. It’s not quite as beautiful at this point, but it was really tasty! We were planning to put some bacon on it, but decided not to. It would have been good with the bacon too!

Our other culinary experiment this weekend was making a Chicken Tagine with Tomatoes. It’s a recipe from a North African cookbook, and it turned out pretty tasty, if a little sweet. I got delinquent with my camera, so all I have to show for it is a single picture after we have everything but the chicken in the pot.

A tagine sounds really spiffy and scary, but it is really just a stewed bunch of vegetables with braised meat. Yum!

Epic Blogging Fail

Well, since WordPress still isn’t behaving, I can’t post any pictures for the regular Friday PhotoEssay. If you are missing all the pictures along with my oh-so-insightful commentary, you can get your fill of pictures (minus most of the commentary) by visiting my Flickr photostream.

Lunch in the Garden Updates

Okay, so WordPress is being funky this morning, and I can’t get any of the handouts/recipes posted. I will post them as soon as the WordPress strangeness ceases. Right now you are missing out on Roasted Tomatillo Salsa, Roasted Eggplant & Tomato Bruschetta, and Watermelon Salsa (from today).

Harvest Report

Apparently being in the office and being out of the office don’t have a much different effect on my blogging schedule! I tell you, it is crazy around here.

I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the harvest reports from the Family of 4 garden for last week and this week, so here they are:

Last Week:

3.5 lbs of tomatoes @ $2.00/lb = $7.00

28 oz. of cherry tomatoes @ $0.25/oz = $7.00

0.75 lb zucchini @ $1.50/lb = $1.13

1 bell pepper @ $1.00/each = $1.00

Weekly Total = $15.13

Yearly Total = $201.71

This Week:

0.5 lbs non-bell peppers @ $2.50/lb = $1.25

2 acorn squash @ $3.00/each = $6.00

0.5 lbs of tomatoes @ $2.00/lb = $1.00

Weekly Total = $8.25

Yearly Total = $209.96

10 Days Later…

I really did think that I might post something while I was on vacation, but I guess that didn’t happen. Sorry…I was enjoying the less than 80 degree weather!

Since it rained last Tuesday and again this morning, the activity has been pretty slim since I left.

Here’s a few things I found upon my return to the garden this morning:

Surprise, surprise! Left to its own devices, the zucchini is a bit over-sized.

The fall radishes seem to be doing fine and growing quickly. The carrots next to them are also growing well. I’m not sure why the row of radishes on the end is smaller. I suspect that there’s either more clay soil there due to putting in the sign post or that area didn’t get as much water.

I knew there were a couple melons on our ‘Honey Bun’ Cantaloupe when I left, but I was surprised to see that there are now at least 4 melons set! I’m getting more and more impressed with these plants.

On the less-than-happy side, our rapsberries are definitely looking worse. Just when you think they can’t possibly look worse, they do. Most of the green fruit have shriveled up to nothing. I guess we will be planting something else in this spot next year!

After it dries out a bit, I’ll try to go out and harvest some things. I already know there’s at least one tomato that looks tasty! We’ll also get caught up with the Family of 4 Garden.