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A Little…or Big…Update

If you are a regular reader, you have probably noticed that updates on what we’re actually doing in the garden are pretty sparse this spring. In fact, non-existent up to this point. I know I’ve set you up with some videos and such to keep you occupied, but what are we actually doing?

Well…quite a lot. But not blogging about it, obviously. But I have a good excuse!


Sorry about the sideways picture. Things at home don’t play quite as nice as at the office.This little guy is a month old, and keeping me busy!

So despite me being MIA, things are still carrying on in the Demo Garden, thanks to our great volunteers! Let’s take a quick look at what’s been growing.

20150425_090107The spinach that was overwintered has gone all pointy and started bolting. It has been removed.

20150425_090154Some of the strawberries overwintered well, others not so well. We decided to plant some more of the ‘Mara des Bois’ variety that didn’t get a good start last spring due to some herbicide issues. They are looking good this year! Typically, we would remove flowers on strawberries for the first year. Because these are day neutrals, it isn’t necessary. I still tend to pick the first flush of flowers off, but you still aren’t supposed to need to do that.

20150425_090144The potatoes that were planted in March are growing well!

20150425_085934The lettuce that we started inside and transplanted is looking scrumptious! In fact, I believe they did a first harvest this week. The lettuce that I planted directly outside at home is about half this size, but harvestable due to thinning. The variety on the left is the ‘Flashy Butter Oak’ and on the right is ‘New Red Fire.’

20150425_085940A bit more of a close up. ‘New Red Fire’ is a looseleaf variety. Red, obviously, but not a dark red.

20150425_085950Closer look at the ‘Flashy Butter Oak.’ This is an oakleaf variety that is green with red speckles/flecks/streaks.

20150425_090036This is a heat tolerant romaine called ‘Jericho.’ It is looking good, so it will be interesting to see how it does as the weather gets warmer. (And it looks like it is finally going to be consistently warmer!)

20150425_090013This variety is ‘Muir,’ a heat tolerant, bright green, looseleaf variety. And that’s it for lettuce!

20150425_090127I know this doesn’t look like much, but our bed of beans was planted last week. At the far end is the trellis for the pole beans.

Some of the herbs and flowers were planted this week, more to come, as well as tomatoes and peppers next week. Herb Day is Saturday, so come out and see the garden in real life!

I’ll post another update…sometime…!

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