Beans and Baske…

Beans and Basketballs Dip

In honor of Wichita State going to the final four, I thought it was only  appropriate to post a game time dish!  Enjoy and Go Shoxs!

Makes 16 appetizers or 6-8 main dish servings


1 pound lean ground beef

1 1.25 ounce envelope of taco seasoning mix

1 16 ounce can re-fried beans (pinto or black)

1 cup (8 oz) fat-free sour cream

1/2 cup salsa

1/2 cup shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese

Round tortilla chips


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees
  2. Brown ground beef in skillet, drain grease
  3. Add taco seasoning mix and beans to ground beef, stir thoroughly
  4. Spray a pie plate.  Spoon beef mixture in plate and spread evenly
  5. Mix sour cream and salsa in a small bowl.  Spoon mixture over beef and spread evenly
  6. Sprinkle cheese on top
  7. Bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes, or until heated thorough
  8. let stand for 5 minutes before serving
  9. serve hot with tortilla chips and hot sauce and salsa.

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