First Workday in the Garden

We had our first Demo Garden workday of the season this morning. Everyone worked hard from about 10:30 until noon! There was really a lot more to do than I expected. (Hopefully our Compost committee will follow up with a workday, since we gave them a big pile of debris to compost!)

We started planting the Family of 4 Garden today, putting in some peas, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, and radishes.

We are using the original cattle panel trellis in the Family of 4 Garden this year. We put in the trellis and planted sugar snap peas along the edges. Then we planted some lettuce seeds under the trellis, just for fun. The green plants in front of the trellis are cabbage.

We also planted lettuce and spinach seedlings in the Family of 4 Garden. Normally we would just plant the seeds, but since we want to harvest quickly and then plant tomatoes in this area, we decided to start the seeds inside for a head start.

Meanwhile, in the “Early & Late Tomato Garden,” we planted some kale, bok choy, cabbage, and leeks that were left over from the Garden Show. (Actually, the leeks have been in the garden all winter, we just transplanted them.) These veggies will be in the garden until mid-June, when we plant our second round of tomatoes.

About Rebecca

I'm a Horticulture Educator with Sedgwick County Extension, a branch of K-State Research and Extension, located in Wichita, KS. I teach about fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

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