Sweet Seedless Tomatoes

We’ve had a couple of tomatoes off our ‘Sweet Seedless’ plant, and I have to say that I find the lack of seeds a trifle disconcerting and unnecessary. Some people apparently really dislike seeds in their tomatoes though, and for those folks, this tomato is actually quite tasty.

About Rebecca

I'm a Horticulture Educator with Sedgwick County Extension, a branch of K-State Research and Extension, located in Wichita, KS. I teach about fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Posted on July 28, 2010, in Around the Garden and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Yeah, I find it incredibly wrong. No seeds=no way to grow them year after year except buy from the company. Like pesto perpetuo. Those patented plants creep me out.

    • Yeah, and when the fruit has few seeds, meaning it’s sterile, usually the cost of producing those seeds is higher too, so the seeds are much more expensive. Lose-lose situation for a gardener!

  2. hmm some people can not each seeds because they have Diverticulitis like myself, I love tomatoes,watermelon,grapes and other fruits but because of the seeds I can not eat them, if I do I suffer in pain and have to go too the hospital. It is very dangerous for us that suffer from Diverticulitis. So I am sooooooooo glad to have seedless fruit!! It is not “incredibly wrong” for someone like myself.

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