Soggy Garden

After all the rain on Sunday, I doubt we will neet to water much this week! According to the miniature rain gauge I set out last week, we only got 2 1/2 inches in the Demo Garden. I think that is wrong! I think the wind blew a lot of the water off the top of the rain gauge, since it only holds 3 inches of water. Maybe the better question would be: how many times did the rain gauge fill to 2 1/2 inches?

I think this picture of some containers that don’t (yet) have holes in the bottoms is a more accurate reflection of the weather:

Rainy Containers

A lot of the plants are showing the effects of the rain. A lot of the plants have mud splashed on them, and some of the lettuce even has mud packed down into the centers of the plants.

Muddy LettuceThe dirt probably won’t harm the plants, although if there is too much it can smother the growing point.

Bruised spinachThe spinach is looking good overal. It has grown a lot! But it does have those dark, water-soaked spots. They may be bruising from the rain (hail?), or they may be spots that got a tad scorched late last week and now are showing the injury. I don’t think these spots will cause a problem as the garden (and plants!) dry out. I’ll keep you posted.

About Rebecca

I'm a Horticulture Educator with Sedgwick County Extension, a branch of K-State Research and Extension, located in Wichita, KS. I teach about fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

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