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Grow Good Food Workshop Presentations & Handouts

For those of you that were not able to attend the Grow Good Food Workshop on Saturday, March 17th OR if you wanted to get another copy of the handouts, everything that I have currently is linked below. I will try to add the few that I am still missing.

9 a.m. – Planning Your Vegetable Garden: Planning Your Vegetable Garden (PDF), Planning Your Vegetable Garden, Planting Guide (PDF); Recommended Vegetable Varieties (PDF)

10 a.m. – Vertical Gardening: Vertical Gardening Presentation (PDF)

10:30 a.m. – Container Vegetable Gardening: Veggies in Containers (PDF);   Publication (PDF)

11 a.m. – Success with Tomatoes: SUCCESS WITH TOMATOES (PDF)

1 p.m. – Growing Strawberries: Growing Strawberries (PDF)

2 p.m. – Fall & Winter Gardening: Winter Gardening Handout (PDF), Mid-Tunnel Prep (PDF)

3 p.m. – Unusual Vegetables & Edibles: Unusual Vegetables & Edibles (PDF)

1 & 2 p.m. – Cooking with Vegetables & Cooking with Herbs: Recipes 2012 (PDF)

3 p.m. – Canning & Preserving the Harvest: Handout (PDF)