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Are You Nutty for Pecans?

If you are interested in pecans, especially growing pecans, you might want to check out this blog: Northern Pecans. Dr. Bill Reid, our Pecan Research & Extension Specialist has been writing this blog since last fall. The posts and pictures talk about insects and disease, research topics, harvest, weather, and pretty much anything you might want to know about growing pecans. Check it out!

Another “Local” Blog

I know that most of you reading this blog are either enamored with my elegant prose or are interested in vegetable gardening. Still…some of you might be a little bit interested in lawns, weeds, or ornamental plant topics. (I have no idea why, but you might have a reason.) If that is the case, I’d like to point you toward a new blog started by the K-State Turfgrass folks.

You can find the KSU Turfgrass Blog at

Some of their recent posts that might be of interest:

If you want more information on the Kansas Healthy Yards & Communities program, you can visit the website.

Local Garden Blog Highlight: Segua Ania

There are a number of interesting garden blogs written by gardeners in the Wichita area, but I think Segua Ania ( quickly becoming my favorite. David is certainly not afraid to try something new in his garden, and it seems like every week there is a new post about something he’s trying out. Gardeners can certainly be the most creative people!

Some of his recent posts of interest include:

Stop by and check out his blog!

Local Garden Blog Highlight: Gaia Garden

I know there are a lot more interesting local garden bloggers out there than just the few I’ve stumbled across. Here’s one of the blogs I follow from a local gardener: Gaia Garden. She’s been on something of a winter hiatus (and just plain busy!), but she’s been back posting in the past couple weeks, with some very thought-provoking (or hilarious) posts. Here’s a sample:

Waste Not, Want Not – Gaia Gardener talks about the amount of food we waste. I think I do pretty good with this, but I know there is some rancid celery in the refrigerator.

Confessions of a Plant-a-Holic – We’ve all been there, right? Caught ordering too many plants or seeds, then stuck unable to get them into the ground?

A Scary Thought – Gaia Gardener takes a look at aphid reproduction…You know you want to click through to see this post!

So head on over to Gaia Garden and check out another local garden blog!