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Family of 4 Harvest Report

  In case you didn’t guess this already, we have a whole bunch of cucumbers and zucchini from the Family of 4 Garden this week. We also had some zucchini that were there yesterday that were mysteriously missing this morning when we harvested. I’ll make an estimate as to what the yield is for those.

8.25 lbs of cucumbers @ $1.00/lb = $8.25

5.5 lbs of zucchini@ $1.50/lb = $8.25

1/4 lb of peppers @ $2.50/lb = $0.63

Weekly Total = $17.13

Year to Date = $93.14


Family of 4 Garden Harvest

This week was a little slower in the Family of 4 Garden (maybe we did a better job of cleaning the cucumbers off last week…or maybe we missed a few more this week!).

6 lbs of Cucumbers @ $1.00/lb = $6.00

4 lbs of Zucchini @ $1.50/lb = $6.00

Weekly Total = $12.00

Year to Date = $76.01


Family of 4 Harvest Update

Yesterday was just a zoo here at the Demo Garden (and in the office!), so I didn’t have a chance to update you on our Family of 4 garden harvests.

Let’s just say that the ‘Homemade Pickles’ cucumbers are not lagging anymore! They weighed in at 12.5 lbs yesterday, and I could probably find more today if I wanted to dig around in the cucumber vines. Ugh.

Cucumbers = 12.5 lbs @ $1.00/lb = $12.50

Zucchini (green & gold) = 20.25 lbs @ $1.50/lb = $30.38

Weekly Total = $42.88

Year to Date = $54.01

(Just in the interest of full disclosure, I did add $10 beyond what I’ve already reported this year, just because we’ve had a couple weeks of zucchini and a few cucumbers that didn’t get added in the way they should have.)

Just for fun, I looked back to see where we were at in previous years in the Family of 4 Garden.

July 20, 2010 – $163.86

July 19, 2011 – $163.39

Given last summer being so atrocious, it’s kind of surprising that there was only 47 cents difference between the two years at this point. Of course, in both years we had a lot of spring vegetables. Last year, after recording $163.39 on July 19th, we didn’t break $170 until September 6th!  In 2010, we were over $215 by that point.

This year, our expectations are going to have to be different. First of all, we planted in mid-May, losing all opportunity for spring vegetables. Second, our Family of 4 Garden is only about 4′ x 14′, as opposed to the 4′ x 25′ that we have had in the past. Then, with the beans and tomatoes affected by some herbicide damage, we had to pull the beans and the tomatoes are not very strong. At this point, we are pretty much going to be running with cucumbers and zucchini for the year! We’ll get some fall things planted in another month, hopefully, but it may be a challenge to get to $150 this year.

Making Pickles

The cucumbers in the Demo Garden aren’t doing nearly as well as I might wish, for some reason. At this point, I think there are probably several contributing factors and no real dominant cause. The ‘Homemade Pickles’ cucumber plants in the Family of 4 Garden have really nice looking plants, but they aren’t yet producing very well. We chose that variety because it is supposed to have high disease resistance and high yields. Of course, as I usually tell folks that call into the Garden Hotline, with the vine crops, all you can really do is wait for them to mature to the point that there are both male and female flowers and let nature take its course! Perhaps I’m just being a bit impatient.

On the other hand, our community garden plot has yielded about 15 lbs of cucumbers so far this year, in a much smaller space, and that was after the cucumber plants got flattened by hail back just after Memorial Day! We are making our first batch of pickles today. (Or rather, my husband is. He’s making old fashioned lime pickles from his grandma’s recipe.) I’ll try to have a couple pictures later this week.

First Harvest & Garden Work Day

  We have our first harvest out of the Demo Garden today! We have several of the ‘Sweet Gourmet’ squash from the Mexican garden, a ‘Gretel’ eggplant from our wheelchair accessible container garden, 2 ‘Rocky’ snack cucumbers, and 3 zucchini from the Family of 4 Garden.

The 3 zucchini weighed in at 12 oz, making our first Family of 4 tally worth $1.13. (Zucchini goes for about $1.50/lb most of the time.)

Meanwhile, we also had lots and lots of vines to train up to the trellises. They have been going crazy in this heat! I’m glad something enjoys the heat.


The ‘Fairy’ Squash is so crazy that we had to climb up under the trellis to get the vines on the trellis.

We were also a little past time for tying up the non-caged tomatoes. We had to put 2 layers of twine on most of the plants. They are starting to bloom, but still showing ill-effects from the herbicide injury.