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The rain gauge says 2.5 inches…and counting!

Blog (or blogger?) Malfunction

I really did write the Friday PhotoEssay on Friday, but somehow it didn’t post! I just posted it, so you can pretend it’s Friday now! Then I’ll post for today to bring you back to the reality of Tuesday. 🙂

Overnight Lows

Woohoo! We did not get nearly as cold last night as they were predicting! I saw lots of 32s and some 30s, although rumor has it that up in Reno County they got down to 27 in some places. One more cold night to get through tonight!

Rainfall Total

We recorded 1.3 inches of rain in the Demo Garden from last night. How about you?

Good News & Bad News

The good news is that we’ve gotten drawings for all aspects of garden renovation! We’ve also accepted a bid for the drainage and dirt work portion of the project. Hurray!

The bad news…the contractor won’t actually be able to do ANY work in the garden until it dries out. So stop hoping for rain, please.