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Zinnia Season is Almost Here

The zinnias we planted from seed in the garden are starting to bloom! We planted them the first week of May, which means they went from seed to flower in 5 weeks! Pretty impressive. It is also much cheaper, as we filled a 100 sq. ft. area for about $8. You just need to be able to delay gratification in order to wait a few more weeks to have blooming flowers, rather than buying them from the garden center already blooming!

Queen Red Lime ZinniaThis is Queen Red Lime Zinnia. It has a red center with green outer petals. I can’t wait to see it in full bloom!

Zowie ZinniaThis zinnia is called Zowie. It is not as fully double as some of the other varieties, but has a beautiful color.

Growing Flowers Like Grandma

In one of our raised beds, (the one I haven’t talked about much) we are planting zinnias. The catch is, we are planting them all from seed, rather than buying plants. We are trying several different varieties of zinnias to see how they do.

We started out by planting the seeds in single rows. The rows were kind of like a “nursery” row. Zinnia rowThe zinnias are still rather small, but it seemed like a good time to transplant them – before the roots get too tangled together. The seedlings were gently dug up and spaced out to be planted on a 4-6″ grid.

Zinnia plantingThey are so tiny! It is hard to believe that in another 4-6 weeks they will be large plants that are beginning to flower. Bob, our other horticulture agent says that this is how older generations that couldn’t afford to buy plants would start a lot of their flowers in the spring.

So, do flowers weasel their way into your vegetable garden? I always had flowers in the vegetable garden growing up, because that’s where they fit! What flowers to you plant?