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Wichita Garden Show – Setup, Day 1

We had our first day of setup today, being a Mid-Garden. Of course, the Great Gardens have been setting up for a few days already. Here’s some pics as a sneak preview:

The hardscape part of our garden is partially done. From the stacks of block, you can see there is still more work to do!

All of this organized chaos will magically turn into a display garden and our information booth by Tuesday evening!

This switchgrass and some other ornamental grasses cut from our Arboretum are going to make a nice backdrop in our booth.

A sneak preview at the Great Gardens from the end of the hall. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time to wander around and get a few closer shots.

Seminars at the Wichita Garden Show

It’s that time of year again…the Wichita Garden Show is just around the corner. Therefore, regular posting about the Demo Garden is hereby suspended until after the garden show is over. Be sure to check back throughout next week to see some “behind the scenes” previews of the show, including all of us covered in mulch while building the garden. The theme of the show this year is “Gardens of the World.”

I’ll be doing my best, starting Sunday, to post some pictures of the building process, in case you’re interested in that. I’ll also post little “glimpses” of what you might be likely to see in the Great Gardens.

We also hold 30+ seminars throughout the garden show. They are held in Room 101 at Century II, which is off the hallway between Expo Hall and Convention Hall. If you can’t find it, just follow your nose to the stand that has the caramelized nuts…the door is usually right next to them. (It drives us all nuts! Hah!)

To see the complete listing of all the seminars throughout the whole show, you can download this file: Seminars (pdf)

A few seminars that may be of interest to those of you that grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs:

Wednesday, March 3

3 pm – Garden Kansas! with Kids

5 pm – Backyard Adventures for Your Family

Thursday, March 4

1 pm – Growing Small Fruits

3 pm – Rethinking Organic Gardening

Friday, March 5

12 pm – Using Dill from the Garden

4 pm – Soil Preparation & Composting

Saturday, March 6

9:30 am – Herbs from Around the World

10:30 am – Unusual Vegetables & Edibles (yeah, that’s one of mine!)

11:30 am – Building a Rain Barrel

Sunday, March 7

1 pm – Basic Vegetable Gardening