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Pepper Pre-Palooza! (& Video Wednesday)

I was going to call this post Pepper-Palooza, but then I decided that we are planting enough peppers that I wanted to save that title for later this summer when we will (I hope) have a whole passel of different types of picked peppers to palooza. (But not pickled peppers.)  Hence the Pepper Pre-Palooza.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You will allow me my little blogging foibles, right?

We planted most of the peppers yesterday, except for a few varieties that weren’t quite big enough to go in. Happily, this coincided with being able to leave the larkspur in for another week or two so they can bloom. We aren’t totally heartless, after all!

You can see the Master Gardeners working hard at planting those peppers, with the larkspur looking on in the background. We planted 11 of the 16 varieties.

You can see, we’re going to have plenty of peppers for a pepper-palooza! We also have some really nice labels that the Master Gardeners have been working on. You can stop by the garden anytime to learn about the varieties and see how they are doing. We planted the peppers in rows about 15-18″ apart, and 3 plants across (about 12-15″ spacing).

I did notice that a few of the peppers, especially the heirloom varieties, seem really eager to put on flower buds. Needless to say, it is a little early for that. We had a nice little chat, about it, and they promised to stop. No, actually, I just pinched those buds out of the center. We need these plants to put energy into growing roots first, then leaves, and only then start producing peppers.

Now for our video of the week. I filmed this video last summer, when we had a variety of peppers in the Asian garden and the Family of 4 Garden. If you missed out on that, this video is a quick synopsis.

Video Wednesday

Are you still confused by how to fertilize your garden? Maybe this video will help you out!

Video Wednesday

Are you still confused by trying to figure out the right time to plant different vegetables? Check out this video, where Evelyn Neier explains the difference between cool season and warm season vegetables and what that means for gardeners in Kansas.

You can catch more videos from K-State Research & Extension here: KSRE YouTube Videos