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2016 Garden Plans: Bed 5 – Pollinators, Flowers, & Herbs

We’ve had strawberries in this garden for the past couple of years, but this year we are going to remove them and shift our flowers/herbs/pollinators garden to this garden bed.


Most of these are plants that we’ve had for several years in one form or another, either in this garden or elsewhere on our grounds. (We just couldn’t resist planting the flowering sages again – especially the purple-flowering Mexican Bush Sage that is one of the highlights of the garden each fall.) The main difference this year is the Passionflower. It will be fun to watch it grow, and it has such neat flowers! We have also selected a wide variety of plants that caterpillars prefer (fennel, parsley, and milkweed) so we are feeding pollinators at all stages of growth.