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2013 Garden Plans: Kids Snack Garden

This garden should be a fun one!

Kids Snacking GardenSo the idea behind this garden is actually a combination of two ideas. I had the idea of planting a “snacking” garden, planted exclusively to vegetables that can be used for eating raw as a “snack.” One of our Master Gardeners wanted to plant a garden geared towards kids. So…we combined the two ideas! I think it will be a lot of fun!

We have been doing the cattle panel trellises in the raised beds for 3 years now, but for this garden we will be trying something different again. We are going to try putting a trellis over the walkway between beds 4 and 5. It will be quite an experiment! I hope it turns out!

Sunflowers: We will be planting 3 varieties, ‘Teddy Bear,’ ‘Aztec Sun,’ and ‘Valentine.’ These are a variety of heights and colors.

Tomatoes: We will have two cherry tomatoes, one red and one gold. The varieties are ‘Super Sweet 100’ and ‘Golden Honey Bunch.’ We will probably be doing some heavy pruning to keep them controlled on the trellis, so that will also be a new experience.

Beans: A lot of people do not have success with pole beans here, but one of our Master Gardeners has had good luck with ‘Emerite’ filet pole beans, so we will be giving those a try.

Cucumbers: We will be revisiting the white ‘Salt and Pepper’ cucumbers that we had in the Vertical Garden last year.

Peppers: Our pepper plants will be the red and yellow ‘Lunchbox’ peppers.

In the spring, we are planning to have some baby romaine lettuces and mixed color carrots and radishes. In the fall we will revisit the lettuces as well as try out some purple and white cauliflower varieties and the ‘Purple Peacock’ Sprouting Broccoli.

We are also going to try some fun containers near the garden, one with sugar snap peas and the other with perhaps a tomato or a bush pumpkin or melon.

This should be a fun garden to photograph this summer!

Junior Master Gardener Day Camp

Today we are hosting some kids from McConnell Air Force Base for a day-long Junior Master Gardener camp. The Master Gardeners work hard every year to plan a fun day of gardening activities for the kids. I will be leading the “Garden Time” part of the camp, and we have lots of things to harvest with the kids today!

The first planting of beans from late April are ready to be picked. We have ‘Rocdor’ wax beans and ‘Tavera’ green filet beans. Rocdor Bean Of course, we also have the orange cauliflower to harvest. I think the kids will enjoy that! We also have lots of lettuce around the garden, especially in the salad garden. We could harvest some arugula and beet greens, but that probably would be less to their taste.

We also Banana Pepperhave a few banana peppers that are rapidly reaching the harvestable stage in the heat we’ve had this week. They were planted in containers early this spring for display at one of our garden tour gardens. Now they are in the Demo Garden!

After harvesting, the kids will have the chance to do some planting. We have some cucumber seeds that will be planted in the Salad Garden. (We were planning to keep planting more lettuce, but I think the cucumbers will be more fun for the kids to plant.)