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Friday PhotoEssay – Garden Tour Edition

I haven’t been doing a very good job this year of keeping you up to date on all our upcoming events. This weekend is our annual Garden Tour, and I was able to check out several of the gardens this morning and earlier in the week. I was hoping to have one picture of each garden, but I realized that I don’t quite have them all.

Anyway, the tour is going on today, tomorrow (Saturday), and Sunday. For more details, go here. I did want to give you a little bit of a sneak peak to encourage you to go. If you are really into food gardening, a lot of times the Garden Tour may not have lots to offer you. This year, there are 3 gardens that have significant fruit and vegetable gardens! The others are gorgeous, but not quite as edible.

To get started, here’s a look at the Demo Garden this afternoon. Nothing too major this week, since things are growing pretty slowly with the cool weather. We aren’t on the Garden Tour this year, but you can always come take a peek!

This is one of the West Wichita gardens that has lots of great shade plantings and neat little garden areas.

This Haysville garden has some awesome blackberries, a large vegetable garden area, and then more vegetables and herbs in other parts of the yard.

This area has peppers and garlic growing, as well as some cannas and other ornamentals.

This Derby garden has a variety of different beds with perennials and some cool stonework.

This sprawling, Haysville country garden has something for almost everyone. There are some pretty neat raised beds that you’ll have to go see for yourself.

This Derby garden has fruits, vegetables, herbs, and a whole lot more! And almost nothing is in a square or rectangular garden!

I have to say that this little border area was one of my favorites. There are annuals along the front edge, but do you recognize the plants in the second row? I’ll give you a minute.

Yes, they are potatoes. I honestly don’t think about potatoes as a potential border plant! But once they start dying back, how hard is it to just dig them all at once and let everything else grow up around them?

I hope this little taste inspired you to check out the Garden Tour.

Have a great weekend!

Don’t Forget Our Garden Tour!

FrontYardInMay2008IrisesThe Beckmeyer Garden is gorgeous! This photo was from the Beckmeyer’s Garden last year.

Just a reminder that the Sedgwick County Extension Master Gardeners annual Garden Tours are being held this weekend! There are 7 great gardens available to tour for only $10. There will also be a CD with gardening information available and demonstrations at each of the gardens.

The garden demonstrations are:

10:30 Sat. & Sun.                 Container Gardening                     Carnahan Garden

11:30 Sat. & Sun.                  Starting with Seeds                         Beggs Garden

9:30 Sat, 1:30 Sun.              Using Stone in the Landscape      English Garden

12:30 Sat. & Sun.                  Garden Composting                       Montgomery

2:00 Sat. & Sun.                    English Garden Design                  Beckemeyer

2:30 Sun.                               Backyard Birding                            Thomas Garden

3:00 Sat. & Sun.                    Hydroponic Lettuce                      Neier Garden

You can stop by the Extension office to buy tickets up through Friday. You can also just stop at any of the gardens and buy your ticket. If you are looking for more information, check the garden tours website.

Upcoming Garden Tour

Every year the Sedgwick County Extension Master Gardeners sponsor garden tours throughout the Wichita area. This year our garden tour includes an organic vegetable garden!

Here’s the scoop on the tour:

Seven home landscapes throughout Wichita have been selected to feature diverse, creative landscapes. Features will include several vegetable gardens, blooming spring perennials, waterfalls, roses, koi ponds, organic garden and gardens that attract birds and butterflies. All plants will be labeled and Master Gardeners will be available at each garden to answer gardening questions. Visitors will receive a CD with information with garden tips and features from each garden and additional garden information from K-State Research and Extension in Sedgwick County.

Tickets may be purchased prior to May 3 for $8 from Extension Master Gardeners and at the Sedgwick County Extension Education Center at 21st & Ridge Road. Tickets will be available at the gardens for $10. Proceeds go toward funding educational outreach programs of the Extension Master Gardeners throughout Sedgwick County.

For more information on the gardens on tour, visit our website.