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Family of 4 Garden Harvest Report + Other Harvests

The Family of 4 Garden is slowing down a bit, since we pulled all the zucchini last week. This week all we got were cucumbers. There are still a couple pepper and tomato plants, but they are pretty wimpy. The plan is to plant a bunch of lettuce next week.

This week’s harvest:

2.75 lbs cucumbers @ $1.00/lb = $2.75

Weekly Total = $2.75

Year to Date = $117.80

Thanks to the sharp eyes of one of the Master Gardeners, we also found a few pods from the Black Sesame plants that were ready to pick.

The Black Sesame plants have been some of the most impressive in the garden this summer. The heat really hasn’t seemed to phase them a bit. Even if the harvest turns out to be negligible (although I think the yield looks pretty good considering the number of pods we harvested), they are attractive, quick growing plants that could make a really nice back border plant or screen plant in a flower bed.

Family of 4 Garden Harvest

Another Tuesday, another Family of 4 Garden harvest! I think that the zucchini and the cucumbers are slowing down a little bit. We also planted some seeds indoors today that will fill in some of the spots in the garden over the next few weeks as we start pulling some plants out. More about that tomorrow!

Today’s Harvest:

5 lbs of cucumbers @ $1.00/lb = $5.00

4.75 lbs of zucchini@ $1.50/lb = $7.13

5 oz. of mixed peppers @ $2.50/lb = $0.78

Weekly Total =  $12.91

Year to Date = $106.05

We are slowly but steadily creeping up the chart!  Unfortunately, most of what we are harvesting is coming from the other gardens right now, especially the neat things. I’ll try to get a post up about some of the other things tomorrow or Thursday.


Family of 4 Garden Harvest

This week was a little slower in the Family of 4 Garden (maybe we did a better job of cleaning the cucumbers off last week…or maybe we missed a few more this week!).

6 lbs of Cucumbers @ $1.00/lb = $6.00

4 lbs of Zucchini @ $1.50/lb = $6.00

Weekly Total = $12.00

Year to Date = $76.01


First Harvest & Garden Work Day

  We have our first harvest out of the Demo Garden today! We have several of the ‘Sweet Gourmet’ squash from the Mexican garden, a ‘Gretel’ eggplant from our wheelchair accessible container garden, 2 ‘Rocky’ snack cucumbers, and 3 zucchini from the Family of 4 Garden.

The 3 zucchini weighed in at 12 oz, making our first Family of 4 tally worth $1.13. (Zucchini goes for about $1.50/lb most of the time.)

Meanwhile, we also had lots and lots of vines to train up to the trellises. They have been going crazy in this heat! I’m glad something enjoys the heat.


The ‘Fairy’ Squash is so crazy that we had to climb up under the trellis to get the vines on the trellis.

We were also a little past time for tying up the non-caged tomatoes. We had to put 2 layers of twine on most of the plants. They are starting to bloom, but still showing ill-effects from the herbicide injury.