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Friday PhotoEssay

Hello? Anyone out there? I hope so, because I’ve got a lot of interesting pictures to share with you all! But first, let’s get an update on the garden.

The flowers are gorgeous and prolific, even if nothing else really is! The bright pink flowers are Penta and the pale yellow are Lantana. They both love heat!

Here’s our heirloom tomato bed at a distance. The plants on the right are the non-grafted heirlooms, and the plants on the left are the grafted heirlooms. You can sort of see the difference in health, but the picture just doesn’t do them justice.

The okra plants in the Family of 4 Garden are looking great, but they aren’t producing any okra yet. Not too surprising, since we didn’t plant them until late.

I found this pepper this afternoon, hiding near the ground. It is turning a gorgeous red color. At least the peppers like the heat.

The garlic chives also seem to be doing fine – They are budded and starting to bloom. Regular chives bloom in the spring with purple flowers. Garlic chives bloom in August with white flowers.

The Master Gardeners tell me that while I was gone, they harvested about 6 or 8 melons, and that they were all really sweet and juicy. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures for you! Maybe next week.

Have a great weekend!


Changes in the Family of 4 Garden

Things have changed drastically in the Family of 4 Garden in the last 2 weeks. The cabbage are gone (except one), the potatoes and onions are gone, the peas and lettuce are gone. We have planted seeds for squash, cucumbers, melons, and okra to take their place.

The onions aren’t as big as we’d like to see, but they still look great!

The okra and melons are going to take over this area by the end of the summer, even though they are getting planted later.

Family of 4 Harvest Report:

2 lbs Red Onions @ $1.20/lb =$2.40

2 1/4 lbs Yellow Onions @ $1.20/lb =$2.70

3 3/4 lbs White Onions @ $1.20/lb =$4.50

1/3 bunch beets @ $3.00/bunch = $1.00

10 lbs Yukon Gem Potatoes @ $1.20/lb =$12.00

1/4 bunch carrots @ $2.00/bunch = $0.50

Weekly Total: $23.10

Year to Date: $141.04


First Harvest of 2011

We had our first big harvest day for the spring out of the Family of 4 Garden. Lettuce, more lettuce, spinach, and radishes were all ready for a harvest.

The ‘Skyphos’ Red Butterhead lettuce is gorgeous, as expected. We also harvested some spinach and some of the ‘Flashy Trout Back’ Lettuce.

We harvested about every other plant down to the ground, and then picked the largest leaves off of the remaining plants. The plants we cut near the base will regrow more leaves. We can cut the other plants next week. We’ll have to pull some plants next week, because we need to get the tomatoes planted in that area!

There’s the bunch of radishes. Aren’t they gorgeous? Everything was a little muddy today, but we aren’t complaining because we finally got some rain! We measured about 0.8 inch in our rain gauge.

Family of 4 Garden Harvest

2 lbs of mixed salad greens (weight adjusted for water & mud) @ $7.oo/lb. = $14.00

1 bunch of radishes @ $1.39/lb = $1.39

Weekly Total = $15.39

Year to Date = $15.39