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Rainfall Total

We recorded 1.3 inches of rain in the Demo Garden from last night. How about you?

Video Wednesday: What, no Squash?

Although it is hard to imagine that a lack of squash or zucchini is a garden problem, early in the season it is very common not to see lots of fruit on our vining crops. Since we are starting to get blooms in the Demo Garden this week, I thought that now would be a good time to share this video.

Demo Garden Work Day

Although the plants in the garden are growing like weeds (the weeds are also growing like weeds, in the interest of full disclosure!), we are kind of in that post-planting but pre-harvest lull in the garden. We continue to battle the cucumber beetles on the eggplant, and this week we started training the vines to the cattle panel trellises.

The Quiet Garden area looks so nice after getting everything planted and placed. It will only look better as the flowers continue to grow, fill in, and bloom.

Seemingly overnight, there seems to be an abundance of spurge growing everywhere in the garden. (With the ongoing concern about the beans and herbicide, I guess it’s nice that something is growing well?)

I found these two critters on one of the Purple Tomatillo plants. At first glance I thought they were potato bugs, and on second inspection, I wondered about striped cucumber beetles, but they didn’t look right. After consultation with a coworker, he suggested that they were striped blister beetles. UGH! And we thought cucumber beetles were a problem. UPDATE: Then another coworker saw this post and called with the information that it is a Threelined Potato Beetle. Not an insect I commonly see around here, and it is different than the Colorado Potato Beetle. They feed on potato plants, which would explain their presence on the tomatillos (potatoes are cousins). And from the looks of it, they are planning on reproducing and camping out for awhile longer.

As you can see, the plants in the Vertical Garden have been growing quickly. The plants on the right side are all different types of cucumbers. On the left side there is a mixture of vining winter squash and melons. The biggest, bushiest plants are the winter squash that are just barely starting to vine. We started clipping the running vines up to the panels today, despite the wind, because they will be humongous by next week at this rate!

Here you can see one of our Master Gardeners clipping up some of the cucumber vines. They are just long enough to be put up on the trellises, but you can see from the tendrils that they will be doing quite a bit of climbing on their own this week if the wind doesn’t knock them off.

Friday PhotoEssay

With the warm to hot weather, many of the plants in the garden have really popped this week. We are starting to see some flowers on some of the vining plants as well as a few other things here and there.

The Mexican Oregano planted in the Mexican garden is blooming this week. It is kind of interesting that it blooms right along the stems. I suppose that we probably should cut back those woody stems with the blooms to encourage more tender growth from below that is tastier.

The ‘Fairy’ winter squash is not blooming yet, but it does have these fun leaves with the silver streaking around the veins. This is perfectly normal, but can still be a little surprising to an unsuspecting gardener.

This itty bitty tiny grasshopper was hanging out on one of the black sesame plants.

The Litchi Tomatoes are blooming, as well as growing increasingly aggressive spikes, as you can see. There’s also a cucumber beetle on one of the flowers. Ugh!

I did promise to post a picture of the Rambling Stripe tomatoes, so here you go! The striped tomatoes are always fun, even when they are green.

We filled and planted the 100 gallon Smart Pot on Tuesday. The plants were some of the leftovers from the rest of the garden, hence the slightly wimpy appearance. We also had a little extra straw, so we decided to mulch the pot for a change. It does dry out an awful lot during the hot summer.

Have a great weekend!

Video Wednesday: Harvesting after Pesticide Use

Since it is getting to be that time of year when you may need to both spray for pests and harvest produce from your garden, here’s a video about knowing when it is safe to harvest after spraying: