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Outdoor Living & Landscape Show Recap

I guess I’m a couple days later than I expected to be getting these pictures posted. I ended up using my phone to take the pictures, which explains the less-than-stellar quality of the pictures. It also took me an extra day to get line up to upload the pictures. But enough excuses.

I hadn’t realized that the Fairy Garden craze had reached Wichita with such force. It seemed like they were everywhere! Actually, I think only Arnolds Greenhouse and Johnsons Garden Centers had large fairy garden displays.

This is a picture of part of the fair garden display in the Arnolds Greenhouse booth.

This is one of the fairy garden displays in Johnsons booth.

One of the super cute terrariums that Johnsons was selling.

All right, enough with fairy gardens. On to regular gardens!

The finished Master Gardener Information Booth.

Some of our trees, complete with signs and flowers to fill in the space and add some color.

A really beautiful mixture of ferns and Huechera (Coral Bells) in the Hongs display garden.

The main focal point of Hongs garden. This was the first year that Dale Hong was in charge of the garden, and he did a great job!

Even with a smaller garden, Scenic Landscapes still had an impressive water feature.

A scene from Johnsons Legacy Landscapes garden.

A small water feature in Johnsons garden that seems very do-able in a home landscape.

If you didn’t make it down, you missed a great show. Hope we’ll see you next year!

Outdoor Living & Landscape Show Setup

We are excited to have a booth (much smaller than last year) at the new Outdoor Living & Landscape Show that kicks off down at Century II on Friday! The theme of our booth this year is Evergreen Options for Kansas.

There are so many issues with pines in Kansas, from insects to diseases (especially Pine Wilt), that we need to be considering what are some other types of evergreens that we can plant in windbreaks and landscapes to provide some evergreen color and form.

To get started, we needed a place to put the trees. The raised beds this year are definitely more functional than decorative!

The trees are just hanging out, waiting to be placed.

We tried to place the trees so that each one would show off its unique characteristics.

Getting the trees and signposts in place and everything mulched goes much quicker when there isn’t a Hobbit House being built!

With the first part of the booth setup done, we could take a peek at what else was going in on the show floor. Most of the display gardens are in good shape, and we were impressed with what we saw. The stress level was so much lower than before and all the gardens look like something that someone could do in their own yard!

I’ll have more pictures either tomorrow or Monday of our finished booth and the rest of the show! If you are looking for more details about the show or want to see a list of our seminars, visit