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Video Wednesday: Taking Cuttings

This video is maybe a little late, since we’ve already had a couple cold nights, but if you still have some plants you’d like to save cuttings from for next year, this is a great how-to video.


Preserving Peppers: Sambal Olek

This topic has been sitting on the back burner for a couple weeks. As you may have noticed, the Demo Garden had a bumper crop of peppers this year, including more hot peppers than anyone would know what to do with. (Well, unless you really like very spicy food.)

What are the options for preserving hot peppers?

  • Dry them and use them whole for flavoring
  • Dry them and grind them into pepper flakes/powder
  • Chop them and freeze them
  • Make LOTS of salsa or hot pepper jelly
  • Make pepper paste/sauce in some form or another

My husband and I really like Asian food, and for the past couple years, we’ve been using a chile paste called Sambal Olek for flavoring foods that need some heat. We also had tons of hot peppers from our community garden plot, so my husband found a simple recipe for Sambal Olek that only called for the peppers, salt, and vinegar. Read the rest of this entry