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One More Garden Plan – Beans & Dwarf Vines

I know…enough with all the garden plans already, right? Sorry! One more. I didn’t get this one until later, so I’m just getting up to the blog today. The final garden bed to make its appearance is the Beans & Dwarf Vines garden.

Rather than having some kind of nifty theme, this garden is about showing some compact varieties of beans and vine crops (think squash and melons) that can do well in a smaller garden.

I am really excited to try both the cantaloupe and the watermelon plants. It will be interesting to see how well they produce and if they produce fruit that is tasty!

The Tomato Garden

We always have one garden that is primarily tomatoes. This year, the tomatoes are growing in our 27″ high raised bed, so we thought that we should demonstrate using compact tomato plants. Then we went crazy and decided we’d show what happens if you plant taller tomato plants! Remember to stop by this summer and see our tomatoes headed toward the roof!

The Asian Garden

We had some heated discussion at our first meeting about whether we should have an Asian-themed garden or a Mexican-themed garden this year. After a vote, the Asian garden won! Here’s the plan for the garden. The top layout is spring. The middle is summer. And obviously, the third layout is for the fall season. We are trying the watercress both on one end of the garden where (hopefully!) it will get extra water and also under the bean trellis. (Maybe it will prefer the shade?)

The Family of 4 Garden 2010

Here’s our plan for the 2010 Family of 4 Garden. The garden (like all our beds) is 4 ft. x 25 ft. Variety lists are still forthcoming for the vegetable gardens.

Demo Garden 2010 Plans – Cutting Flowers

We are going to have 2 beds devoted to cutting flowers this year. Here are the layouts of the gardens:

We’ll have some beautiful bouquets come July and August! Check back tomorrow for the next bed plan!