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10 Reasons Gardeners Shouldn’t Complain About Winter

1. The cold weather kills off pesky insects. The colder, the better.

2. The cold weather kills off pesky diseases. The colder, the better.

3. Harsh weather might kill off some pesky critters. (Okay, this might be more wishful thinking than anything…)

Rabbit Tracks in the Garden

4. It isn’t going to get so cold that plants will die…unless you have been planting things that aren’t hardy here.

5. Snow and ice provides a reservoir of moisture for the soil when it melts.

6. Snow and ice are pretty on trees. Decorative even. It’s a look you can’t replicate any other way!

7. Most fruit trees need a certain amount of cold weather before they break dormancy and produce again.

8. Those seed catalogs that keep piling up wouldn’t seem so exciting if you weren’t banished from the garden for awhile.

9. No weeds! (Especially when the garden is covered in snow, so you can’t see the henbit and chickweed seedlings.)

10. It’s a good time for a rest. The plants are resting, so take a hint. Now is your time to rest, too!

Spring Garden Series

I guess I’m a day late on getting this up (at least!). I was so swamped catching up yesterday that I didn’t even think about posting our upcoming classes! The classes are held on Monday nights through February 15th. Class starts at 6:30 p.m. in 4-H Hall at the Sedgwick County Extension office. The entire class series costs $5, regardless of how many of the classes you attend.

Here’s the schedule for the classes:

January 11, 2010 Soil Preparation & Composting

Kae Bowles– Extension Master Gardener, Composter

January 18, 2010 Get Growing Vegetables

Rebecca McMahon – Sedgwick Co. Extension Agent-Horticulture

January 25, 2010 Kansas Healthy Yards & Communities-”Building a GREENER Community One Yard at a Time”

Bob Neier – Sedgwick Co. Extension Agent-Horticulture

February 1, 2010 Using Ornamental Grasses in your Landscape

Kathy Bagwell – Extension Master Gardener

February 8, 2010 Growing & Using Culinary Herbs

Lisa LaRue – Extension Master Gardener, Herb Society

February 15, 2010 Bring Your Yard Alive with Native Plants & Wildflowers

Cynthia Abbott – Extension Master Gardener

Happy New Year!

2009 is as dead as this parsley. Looking forward to 2010!